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Save orphaned children from a life of misery!

Preserving the lives of unadoptable orphans in China.

Big Stone Foundation was founded with the sole purpose of alleviating poverty in China's countryside, and improving the lives of the children and families we are in contact with. We dream big dreams. Our passion is working with the children that no one wants; the kids that have been rejected by all others. By embracing the outcast, we find value in our work. By changing one life, our work is validated. By feeding one mouth, our goal is met.

But we don't stop there...

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Featured Projects

  • Orphan Rescue Program

    To rescue at-risk orphan children from dangerous situations, and provide them with life, hope, and a future.

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  • Project 365

    Just $1 a day can change the life and future of one Chinese orphan. Our children attend the best schools.

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