Big Stone Foundation

“Field of Dreams”

Sustainable Orphanage Project

This project is based on loving each child as my very own; dreaming with them, and helping them to build their future. Each child is important as an individual, not as a number. “I want to be the best father I can be, and provide my children with a full life.” With this as our cornerstone, we want to build an environment that promotes life. We promote impressive quality, and not numbers. The three foundational principals by which we are planning the project are the three things a child needs for a healthy development: Psychological, Nutritional, and Educational development. Likewise, this project has 3 physical parts: the Home, the Farm, and the School. Our focus is rescuing the unadoptable and the ‘unwanted’ orphans, and giving them a hope and a future… they aren’t unwanted anymore. I want them.

  • I. The HomeOpen or Close

    The home represents psychology (a place of healing, love, and building character). A healthy heart comes from a healthy home. Healing and comfort come from a healthy family. The children will live in cottage style houses. Each cottage will be home to 8 children and 2 parents. The children may be grouped by specific needs, but not by age or gender. As keeping with a natural family structure, each family unit would have boys and girls, older and younger, along with a mom and dad. Children will be housed 2 (same-gender) kids to a room.

    The parents will be Christian Chinese couples, who will live full time on the project. Their function will be like typical parents. While the kids are at school under the care of their teachers, the parents –one or both- may go to work, or stay at home to clean and prepare food. After school, the family will eat together, finish homework, and participate in entertainment or games together as a family or with other families.) At no point, no matter which holiday it is, will the children ‘go home’, or be encouraged to go to a relative’s home for the holiday. They are generally not wanted there. This is their home now. We will celebrate holidays together.

  • II. The FarmOpen or Close

    The farm represents nutrition (producing milk, eggs, meat, and vegetables). This will provide a balanced diet for our children, and will almost completely eliminate our need for monthly living expenses. The farm will cover 100 acres, and will be designed by Henan Agriculture University (China) and Wisconsin University (USA). It will be a ‘sustainable farm’ (likely organic), which will produce double or more what we actually need to feed our children, staff, and visitors. The best crops will go to our children, and the         “seconds” will be used to create a nutrition program for the poor and elderly in the surrounding area.  As a second option, the leftover produce could be sold in the market to generate additional operating expenses.

  • III. The SchoolOpen or Close

    The school represents education (quality education which will prepare them for high school, college, and the real world). We will build the school to the highest standard, so that we may attract wealthy students from the city to attend our school (at a premium rate). Our children will attend free, local students may attend for the same cost as local public school tuition, and children from the city may attend at an average of Zhengzhou’s top 3 private schools’ tuition (around 40,000 RMB per year). The income from the school would pay salaries, and the profit would provide steady funding for the project’s overall operating expenses and development. With good roads all the way to the school, it takes just over an hour to get there from Zhengzhou. The environment is natural; the air is clean of pollution and noise; the food is nutritious and organic. Our teachers will be the best from the city, the US, and Hong Kong. This is a place that wealthy parents will want to send their kids.