Big Stone Foundation

“Mobile Medical Unit”

Taking The Resouces To Meet The Needs

The Need:
People in the rural areas of China are often lacking access to many things. One major thing is quality health care, or in some places, ANY kind of health care. A father who sustains a “simply fixed” injury to his hand, but under normal circumstances would put him out of work, unable to provide for his family, could visit a mobile unit and be back to work in almost no time. A child who is born with an easily fixed cleft lip, cleft palate or club foot, and is thrown away, could instead receive a life saving, in fact, life REDEEMING surgery, and be considered a “normal, beautiful child”. We would begin primarily with the needs of the children and work our way to the adults; thus giving us the opportunity to do everything we can to improve the lives and livelihoods of the people.

The Medical Unit:

This is the major component of this project. The vehicle will need to be custom built (probably by IVECO) and will be a state of the art, mobile medical facility. It is an off road capable hospital on wheels that can respond to emergency or disaster needs throughout the province.  It will be expandable to 3x its original width, with slide out walls, (somewhat like an RV) and will include a full surgical operating theater and dental facility.  It will be able to take health care teams to different villages to perform all kinds of surgeries, give vaccinations, perform dental work and anything else that the people couldn't otherwise afford or have access to, would be a one of a kind item in Henan province, much less the country of China.

The Staff:

Our staff for the mobile medical unit will include 1 or 2 licensed doctors, a driver and other medical staff and consultants who are fully licensed. The full time staff will paid a reasonable salary.  Normally the staff of Big Stone Foundation are all unpaid volunteers, but as this project will rely on direct funding from grants and donations designated for this project, the core professional medical team will be allotted a salary reasonable for living here in China. We will also have regular volunteer teams of doctors and surgeons for different needs. For this project, we will need full funding before it can be started. We will be seeking partnerships, grants, and funding to make this possible as a reality. If you know a group, individual or foundation willing to back this project please contact us.