Big Stone Foundation

Orphan Rescue Program

Preserving The Lives Of Unadoptable Orphans

Basis: According to the China Ministry of Civil Affairs, there are over 573,000 orphans under the age of 18 in China. Henan Province (which is where we work) has largest orphan population, with over 50,000 known orphans. Among the total number of known orphans in China, fewer than 69,000 are living in Chinese orphanages. The exact status of the other orphans is not officially known. 
Purpose: To rescue at-risk orphan children from dangerous situations, and provide them with life, hope, and a future by placing them in private boarding schools. 

Rescue”refers to operations that usually involve the saving of life or prevention of injury. Our process of rescue involves: monitoring orphans we have been in contact with and/or supporting; searching for and tracking down orphans we have known, but have gone missing; removing children from dangerous situations, and entering them into a safe/protective situation; providing them with legal representation when necessary. 
At-Risk”refers to children that are deemed to be especially vulnerable to exploitation because of their age, gender, unstable situation (e.g. homeless), lack of education, lack of protection, previous or current exploitation, any and/or all of the above. 
Unadoptable”refers to orphans that have no way to be legally adopted because of their lack of documentation (no birth certificate, “hu-kou”, or national ID), or because of their special or sensitive family history, (such as 
Orphan”refers to a child whose parents are both deceased, or has no parents to care for him or her. This also includes ‘AIDS orphans’ , or children orphaned by AIDS. 
Dangerous Situations”refers to child abuse, child labor, child slavery, child prostitution, human trafficking, and other similar sensitive situations. 

Background: This program began when Big Stone was spontaneously contacted by over 40 unrelated individuals seeking placement for orphan children that were in their care at the time. Big Stone was able to find placements for 54 children in private boarding schools where they can live, eat, and study free of charge, and under the protection of the school.
Funding: All funding for this long-term program will be provided by Big Stone, and decisions will be made according to our own budget. The only exception for this will be when a big need arises with need for immediate action, and our budget at the time won’t allow us to take action. In such a case, we will ask for approval and funding from the community. 
Records: Records of donations received and spending will be kept according to the requirements of the United States IRS, and will be available to the public. 
Success: The successes of this program is monitored by the student drop-out or withdraw rate (currently zero-percent), the students' individual grades and improved studies, and specific stories from one-on-one counseling sessions with the students (to contrast then-and now, and to evaluate their current mental health).