Big Stone Foundation

“Village Care”

Our Long Term Commitment

In this program we make long term commitment to a specific rural village area. We communicate with the local government and aim to fulfill the needs of the local school. With the help of the school principal and village leader, we identify the orphans in the village and become familiar with their situations as best as we are able. Many of these orphans live with elderly extended family, but in the daytime really have no other option than to just sit home, or to play in streets or fields. Instead of removing these children from their elderly family members, we prefer to support their life and livelihood in their own home. One way we do this is by supporting the nutrition and health of the elderly people caring for the orphans.
One primary goal in our village care program, is to become involved with the village school and support them by offering educational programs to enhance and expand their scope. We often provide Chinese and foreign volunteers to help the kids learn about the world beyond their village, and help to get them interested in learning. Whether it is a summer camp offered by a visiting team, or our own regular visits into the area, to take school supplies or daily necessities to the kids, we do our best to see that every child gets the education they need and deserve.
It is a common problem in some rural areas, to have kids as young as 3rd or 4th grade drop out of school and stay home to work on the farm. We have added a focus on these kids, aiming to attract them back to school. Through our summer programs and year round visits, we have seen a large number of kids return back to a school, after having made a decision to leave. We make regular visits to these areas to encourage the kids to continue their education, bring supplies and to enhance the quality of education that they are receiving.