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Our World, In Pictures

Some people have advised me to post pictures of sad, dirty children on our website. “This really brings in the donations”, someone told me. Now, while I know this is probably true, as it is natural to feel empathy for those less fortunate, I still prefer to show the real state of our children, to preserve their dignity. I don't carry a camera to capture fundraising ops. When I (we) approach a child in need, the first thing on my mind is the welfare of the individual child, and the farthest thing from my mind is photo ops. I have shared with the poorest of the poor, and dined with the richest of the rich... and I don't usually take photos of either. I prefer to capture real life. Smiling children. Children deep in thought. Children playing. Children learning new things. These are the things that make me happy, and the things I prefer to photograph. I know that showing the state of things before they came to us, is my right; it's a logical way to pull on people's heartstrings and get them to support this worthy cause... but in all honesty- my reward is their smiles.”

– Peter Bowling, International Director