Big Stone Foundation

Volunteer Service Teams

International volunteering is a great way to impact the world. Your eyes will be opened as you experience a culture you will never forget.

Location: Henan Province, China 
(nearest airport: Zhengzhou City)

Dates: Summer 2013 (generally 2 weeks per group; June, July, August);
*any time of year can be arranged

Cost: *$40/day plus one-time fee of $75; per person (includes all meals, lodging, and transportation from time of arrival to time of departure; does not include tourist visas or travel to/from Zhengzhou City)*Exact cost may vary depending on the trip details chosen. 

Program: Teaching English to children; visiting orphanages; visiting rural mountain villages; visiting poor families and orphans; taking supplies and gifts to needy families; and more

Details: Team sign-up preferred; individuals welcome (may be referred to a team); program can be formatted to fit the team's goals and vision; the mountain villages require some hiking and physical exertion; arrangements can be made for those needing a lower-intensity mountain trip; internships available

Our organization (Big Stone Ltd.,) is a for-profit business group that runs four companies (education management, international trade, international travel, agriculture development, a café) with the sole purpose of raising funds for the operation of our 6th entity (Big Stone Foundation). We focus on saving and improving the lives of Chinese orphans, specifically the unadoptable and terminally ill. We advocate for the rights of orphans and impoverished families in rural China, rescuing them from child labor and human trafficking. We promote quality of life, positive education, and public transparency. We provide nutrition supplements and medicine to the terminally ill and elderly in rural villages. We promote and comply with UN and other international labor laws (Minimum Age Convention (C138) ; AND the Convention on the Rights of a Child (CRC).

In our Summer Service Teams, the first half of the trip is spent teaching English to kids and visiting orphanages, and the second half of the trip is spent in the mountains visiting villages and taking gifts and supplies to poor families and orphans. We can facilitate teams with any focus, year-round, for any length of time. Summer teams should be a minimum of 8 days (10-15 days preferred). 

The at-cost expense is $40USD a day (to cover hotel, meals, water, supplies, gifts for the kids, etc.), plus a one-time fee of $75USD (to cover transportation). We don't make a profit off this. We have designed Summer Service Teams to be affordable, and still cover all expenses from arrival to departure.